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Did You Know Swa Diamonds Has A Custom-made Jewellery Department?

September 22, 2020 - Shahal Mohamed

Swa Diamonds have a highly skilled and experienced custom design team to create jewellery for our clients with love and what suits their pocket. If you are finding it hard in choosing the one of your kind? Then Swa Diamonds is waiting for you...

Swa Diamonds is waiting to fulfil custom orders. We believe our customers taste preference and likings matters. Want to get a ring to came across browsing on the internet or elsewhere whatever it be we are ready to make it for you and bring changes for you in our existing designs. 

There are 4 steps in creating a Custom-Made design. They are:


  1. Consultation: Connecting you to our design team is our primary step. Through this meeting our designer will get an idea about what you are looking for and your sense and interest in stones. The step is actually done in our outlet and is free of charge.
  2. Sketching out and selecting out: On this stage, a series of hand-drawn sketches for you to choose from. When the customer has finalised your design the designer will be able to tell you about the metal type, stone type and the number of stones. 
  3. Rendering it In-CAD: This stage is where the sketch is made into a photo-realistic render through computer-aided design(CAD) which helps in comparing different types of metals, stones etc side by side.
  4. Wax Model: In this step the CAD Render is made into a 3D Wax Model which is a one-step behind creating the actual jewellery. This process is done through a 3D printer.

Once the customer is satisfied in the 3D Model the process of creating the actual jewellery begins. It normally takes up to 10-15 working days to finish your custom made jewellery.