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December 03, 2020 - Shahal Mohamed

It is normal to have doubts about caring your engagement ring. Either you can wear it in bed or take it off before the shower. Keeping your diamond rings clean will last a lifetime.

Here are things you need to know while caring your engagement ring.

Cleaning your Diamonds.

 You can clean your ring frequently. Wearing a dirty stone means you are not allowing the stone to live up to its full potential. Dirt or oil can block the light interactions in the stone. Cleaning a diamond ring is not a big and extensive process you can do it at your home. All you need is few drops of soap, some detergents used for dishwashing and some warm water. You can brush scrub the stone with a soft brush with a baby toothbrush or something soft. Rinse it with water and dry it with a cotton cloth. You can avoid tissues and paper towels as they might scratch the metal. It is important to know that you are not using any harsh chemicals or moisturisers to clean your ring.

 Tough not Invincible

Suppose you are worried about scratches on your ring. You can always store your ring in a secure place, maybe inside a ring box assigned for this purpose when you take it off. So that it avoids scratches when it’s not in your hand and you know precisely where to search.

 Help from Professionals

You can take your diamond ring to the jewellery to get it cleaned. Its is always better to do it with a professional so that you can avoid using ultrasonic cleaners at home. However, in a more professional setting, they can check and confirm the intact of the stone. At home you’ll never know if the stone is loose or not.

Getting insurance 

You can get insurance for your diamond ring and make sure that the ring is insecure the second you the store.

We Swa Diamonds, Care for your ring, money and effort. We offer you lifetime insurance for every purchase you make with us.